tirsdag 20. mai 2008

Filmvisning mandag 26. mai

Mandag 26. mai
Viser vi ”Venezuela: Revolution from the Inside Out”
Spansk/engelsk tekstet Gratis inngang

Tid: Kl.19.00
Sted: seminarrom K (tidligere aud. K) på Sydneshaugen skole

Venezuela: Revolution from the Inside Out is a voyage into Latin America's most exciting experiment of the new millennium, exploring the history and projects of the Bolivarian Revolution through interviews with a range of its participants, from academics to farm workers and those living in the margins of Caracas. This introduction to the revolucion bonita (pretty revolution) offers in-depth interviews, unforgettable images and a lively soundtrack that will open new vistas onto this hopeful human project. (Spanish and English subtitles)

Arr:Latin-Amerikagruppen i Bergen

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