mandag 23. november 2009

Underskriftskampanje som haster

Vi håper at flest mulig kan skrive under denne internasjonale kampanjen mot anerkjennelsen av valget i Honduras under kuppregimet. Det haster, underskriftslisten skal overrekkes fredag 27. november.

Lenken for å skrive under er:
nettsiden til kampanje er:

Call on international community to denounce and not to recognize the electoral farce in Honduras

The undersigned, social, political and supportive organizations and individuals, declare:

1. The coup in Honduras, initiated by Roberto Michelleti and his de facto regime with the accomplice participation of the USA, is already responsible for the murder of 21 people, there have been 4.234 formal complaints for violation of fundamental freedoms, 7 assassination attempts, 95 death threats, 133 torture cases, 615 injured persons due to repression, 1.987 illegal detentions, 2 kidnapping attempts and 114 political prisoners accused of sedition. And the numbers are increasing daily.

2. The coup makers maintain themselves in power showing their deep disdain for democracy and their total disregard for the sovereign rights of the people expressed through their vote.
Time has shown that the manoeuvres by both the US government and the Organization of American States (OAS), had no intention of defending democracy but only to postpone, hinder and finally to support those who are now planning the electoral farce.

3. By October 30th, the US government considered it opportune to manoeuvre and make possible an agreement between the government presided by Manuel Zelaya Rosales and the coup makers -the so called Tegucigalpa/San José Agreement- which would lead to legitimate the elections of November 29th, making it difficult in the short time remaining for the popular movement to have any possibilities of winning.

The coup makers have not complied with the agreement. The constitutional president remains in Brazil's embassy surrounded by the military and under threat of arrest, the repression goes on. In a gesture of unlimited cynicism, the US government has rushed to declare that they will recognize the elections. President Manuel Zelaya Rosales has denounced the total impunity with which the elections will take place. The Frente Nacional de Resistencia and other democratic forces have also declared that they will boycott the electoral farce.

4. The majority of the mass media, in the service of oligarchy, imperialism and translational companies, consider the crisis already resolved and wish to legitimate the elections. In spite of this coordinated effort by the media to make the crisis appear to be settled, the Honduran People's fight continues and reiterates their claims:

· Unconditional restitution of President Manuel Zelaya Rosales to the presidency of the Republic of Honduras, restoring the situation that existed before June 28th 2009.

· Non-recognition of electoral process on November 29th 2009.

· After the breach of constitutional order by the oligarchic political caste it is now more than ever neccessary to convoke a Constituent Assembly.

· Trial and punishment of the coup makers and their accomplices.

We the undersigned agree with these legitimate demands of the Honduran people and we call on the International institutions and governments not to send commissions of any kind or international observer missions, to maintain the political, economical and financial pressure on the military/civilian dictatorship imposed by oligarchy and imperialism, as well as not to recognize neither the illegitimate elections of November 29 nor the spurious authorities who seek to pass as representatives elected by the people.

¡Freedom for the People of Honduras!

Barcelona, November 2009.

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